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Dr. Jan Schmoranzer

The artist and plant ambassador Cassis B. Staudt makes plants “sing”. The sound is produced through biodata sonification. The energy (meaning the bio-chemical process in the plant) is thus translated into music, set to music. To do this, electrodes are attached to the leaves of the plant.

The electrodes transmit electrical impulses from the plant, which are generated during photosynthesis, by touch or by adding water, for example. The signals can be fed with pre-produced “notes” via synthesizers, samplers and other midi instruments. The first musical fragments obtained in this way can now be transformed into individual compositions. A wide variety of projects have been created on this basis. Via biodata signification, musician & sound artist Cassis B Staudt allows plants to ‘sing’. The energy of the plant is translated into music by electrodes attached to its leaves. These musical fragments are spontaneous, individual compositions of the plant:

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Microscope photography: © Dr. Jan Schmoranzer

2020 climate symphony, Neustart Kultur, Musikfonds

2021 climate symphony, Neustart Kultur, GEMA

2022 plantmusic film Call me by my name, Neustart Kultur, DKV

2023 artist in residence Aug-Sept BHROX bauhaus reuse mit

        Nachhaltigkeitsspaziergängen über den Ernst-Reuter-Platz

        Gefördert vom Kulturbeirat Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

2023 plantmusic as part of vivas! Mindchangers/SEZ, 

        Buenos Aires / Southern Germany


Performer, composer and musician Cassis B Staudt studied music at the Staatl. Musikhochschule Hamburg and at New York's Juilliard University. While working in NYC in Jim Jarmusch's team (co-producer 'Coffee and Cigarettes', Palme d'Or, Cannes) she wrote music and had the idea for Ferry Tales (Oscar nominated). Cassis B writes a wide variety of scores for theater, feature films and documentaries - for small and large ensembles. Highlights also include her songs, sound sculptures and film music symphonies. She has been working with children and young people in theater and music education for several years and is a guest lecturer at the HAW, Hamburg. Thanks to several grants (Neustart Kultur Musikfonds, Gema, DKV, MINDCHANGERS), she has dedicated herself to interactive plant music since 2020. Further information, as well as audio and video excerpts, can be found on Cassis B Staudt's homepage:


Plant Music Concert

Old Botanical Garden, Marburg

Plant Music Workshop

VHS 73087 Bad Boll

DIE GRUBE with plant music

Landesbühne Esslingen, Premiere

Parc Floral de Vincennes PARIS